Transfer Factor Renuvo

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120 capsules / bottle

Feel 22
Targets healthy aging by supporting a more youthful response to daily life stressors
that my push your body out of balance.

4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo is formulated to support;
Total body recovery
Mental acuity
Sexual vitality

What causes inflammation?
Normal inflammation is absolutely essential to life and is an entirely healthy response to daily lifestyle stressors, as well as the more recognizable causes of inflammation, such as infection or injury. In other words, one of your body’s first line of defense when it encounters something new or foreign is to mount an inflammatory response. Without it, your body would never adapt and overcome new challenges.

Why should you control inflammation?
Inflammatory response is essential to adapting to life and its various effects. Research has suggested that inflammation that isn’t quickly and constantly returned to normal is a major culprit in accelerated aging, fat gain, muscle loss, and even sexual decline.

Key features
Provides support for everyone over the age of 18 who wants a more youthful response to the daily stressors of life, such as unhealthy diet, intensive exercise, or mental stress
Includes adaptogenic herbs like Rhaponticum, Schisandra, and Ashwagandha, plus botanicals such as Green tea, Turmeric, and Resveratrol, and the amino acid  ALCAR (Acetyl-L-Carnitine)
Offers the patent-protected 4Life Tri-Factor Formula, one of the most revolutionary immune system support extracts available.
Provides transfer factors, which support the immune system's natural ability to respond appropriately when challenged with health threats
Helps increase the body’s natural defenses against physiological stress.


Backed by research
In a fully randomized, place bocontrolled, 30 day safety and efficacy study, conducted at the Univerity of Missouri and in association with Auburn
University, 4 Life Transfer Factor Renuvo outperformed expectations with its ability to help reduce the pro inflammatory response to help and unhealthy diet.

Study results showed that consuming two servings per day for 30 days resulted in a significant 64% reduction in the pro-inflammatory marker TNF alpha. Additionally, 4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo significantly increased the body’s ability to address the negative effects of an unhealthy diet and similarly reduced the amount of damage caused to tissues in response to a poor diet.

Renuvo is a patent-pending adaptogenic formula that targets healthy aging by supporting a more youthful response to daily life stressors, such as an unhealthy diet, intensive exercise, or mental stress. 4Life Transfer Factor—4life proprietary immune system support ingredient-is at the core of Renuvo.



Green tea



Balancing Your Body's Natural Inflammatory Response

University testing shows a reduction of the natural inflammatory response to an unhealthy diet.

Life's a balancing act full of challenges. We are constantly faced with multiple stressors that can tilt the scales in the wrong direction. Aging, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep, environment and a whole host of other factors can significantly reduce your body’s ability to quickly and effectively overcome daily stressors. Your body’s first, essential response to these stresses is characterized by inflammation at the cellular level.

What is inflammation?
Inflammation is your body’s way of calling attention to an area needing support. Or technically, inflammation is an immune system defense that starts with an increase in blood flow to the affected area(s) within the body. To emphasize that need, inflammatory –promoting chemicals are released to cells to perpetuate a response, with one of the most widely accepted primary inflammatory mediators being TNF-alpha.

How 4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo can help?
4Life transfer Factor Renuvo was formulated to help improve your body’s response to daily stress and bring it back into balance. The secret is in its ability to help increase the body’s defenses against physiological stress. Like a rubber band that gets stretched too far, if you don’t return the rubber band to its normal resting state, it will eventually break. 4Life Transfer Factor Renuvo is formulated to help you return to that normal, healthy state – faster and more effectively.

Personalized Consulting & Guidance offered for  taking this Product as an adjuvant with other treatment methods or for immune rehabilitation including Dosage details, Dietary and Lifestyle changes, etc... to achieve the desired result.