Transfer Factor BelleVie

60 capsules / bottle

Targeted support for Female Reproductive and Breast Health
Cellular Health Support for Women

As a woman, there are health issues that are unique to you. The common ones are related to the menstrual cycle. From painful menstrual cramps to lumps in the breast, cyclical breast pain or fibrocystic breast disease.
Then there are polyps, fibroids in the uterus, and so on. From adolescence to menopause these health challenges are unique to women of all countries.

Living a great life!
Now is the time to take action by doing everything possible to take care of yourself and support your body’s health. This way, the best years of your life will remain ahead of you.

Everyday more and more information is made available regarding women’s health. Breast and Gynecological health are the two issues that stand out affecting woman’s life in some way.

Primary Benefits
- Focuses on the immune boosting benefits of transfer factors to provide targeted health support to the breast and the gynecologic system of the body
- Strengthen the body’s natural immune response and promotes healthy cell growth and function
- Promotes breast and reproductive tract health by binding circulating estrogens and other substances that promotes unchecked cell growth
- Promotes normal detoxification within the body
- Protects against naturally occurring free radicals in the body

Key Points

Targeted Transfer Factors provide specific support for different body systems, including cardiovascular, reproductive system,... a proactive role in targeting your personal health needs.
Phytoestrogen support
Phytoestrogen are known to have antioxidant effects, support normal inflammation levels and bind with estrogen receptors in the body.
Indole support
Help support female cellular health by promoting normal cell growth and providing detoxifying benefits.
Antioxidant support
Contains a specialized combination of herbal antioxidants, including green tea and grape seed extract for extra protection against naturally occurring free radicals in the body that are known to cause cellular damage.

Along with Targeted Transfer Factor Transfer Factor Glucoach contains 

Kudzu, Red clover, Flax seed, Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale, Green tea and Grape seed

Green tea 
Lowers total cholesterol and raises HDL (good) cholesterol
Good for dieters
Green tea helps protect against cancer

Kudzu & Red Clover
Reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer
Substantially lowers the risk of mortality
High in dietary fiber and rich in folic acid as well as vitamin c and magnesium

Flax seed
Anti-cancer agent
Fights against the onset of heart attacks
Maintains low blood sugar
Prevents constipation

Grape seed
Maintain healthy heart performance
Younger looking skin
Anti-aging vitamin

Helps decrease inflammation
Protects against certain cancers
Increases the ability of the liver
Improves cell growth and cell replication

Aids iron absorption in the body
Helps women sustain normal tissue growth
Reduces blood cholesterol levels

MRP: Rs.2,985/-

Personalized Consulting & Guidance offered for  taking this Product as an adjuvant with other treatment methods or for immune rehabilitation including Dosage details, Dietary and Lifestyle changes, etc... to achieve the desired result.