Herbal Supplement for Diabetic and Diabetic Related Complications
Ojamin Liquid  is a herbal formulation, a highly effective ayurvedic herbals  to manage diabetes and to prevent from the complication of medication. The main functions of  Ojamin Liquid is DETOXIFICATION , IMMUNE ENHANCEMENT, BETA CELL REGENERATION 
Ojamin is a medicine for diabetes treatment is formulated with pure and safe to use material. 
"Ojamin"- to Eradicate Diabetes - is away from any side effect and does not include any chemicals for its formulation.
Highly Effective, Pure, Accurate Composition, Fast Action, Contains selective and safe herbs only,  No artificial colours & flavours added.

Ojamin  is a natural blood sugar stabilizer. The product is formulated with natural ingredients that have shown in multiple studies to keep blood glucose levels under control
Facts about Ojamin:
a) 100% Herbal liquid
b) No Bhasma or steroid.
c) Cleanses body system & removes ailments.
c) Purifies Blood & Increased resistance power.
d) Patient remains Fresh & Active.
e) Helps up wounds & Removes skin deceases
f) Helps to remove psoriasis, Sinus, Asthma, Joint-Pain,    Pimples etc.,

How It Works
- Tones up pancreas to produce insulin adequately
- Cleanses body system
- Helps to purify and regulate blood circulation
- Improve digestion and clears constipation
- Increases resistance power to fight ailment
- Prevents complications and tones up functions of kidney, eyes, and nerves.
Uncontrolled diabetes leads to - retinopathy,  glaucoma, cataract, gangrene, sex problems, kidney failure, heart problem, liver problems, mental disorders, etc. Ojamin helps to keep them in check.
Direction of Use :
20 ml. or 2 to 3 Teaspoon full.
Morning empty stomach & bed time OR as directed by the physician.

Package: Available in 1000ml bottle.
Price: Rs 541.00