Diacure Herbal Capsule is a Combination of 11 Herbals 

Methi (T.Foenum graecum) Fenugreek வெந்தயம்  75mg
It contains saponins, coumarins, fenugreekine, nicotine acid.
Uses -A natural soluble fiber present in methi slows down the rate of sugar absorption into the blood. It is also useful in a cough, asthma, and bronchitis.
Ayurvedic Property: Rasa- Tikta, Guna- Singhda, Veerya-Ushna, Vipaka-katu
Effect on Doshas:- It balances kapha and vata doshas.

Vijayasaar (Pterocarpus Marsupium) வேங்கை மரம்  75mg
It contains eiquiritigenin, pterosupin, marsupol, carpusin, marsupinol.
USES - It is used in the treatment of diabetes, obesity, diarrhea.
Vijyasar Ayurvedic property
Rasa- Katu, Guna- Laghu, Snigdha, Veerya-sheet, Vipaka- Madhura
Effect- It balances vata and kapha doshas.

Jamun (Eugnia Jambolina)  நாவற் பழம்  50mg
It contains titerpene acids i.e; (oleanolic acid and crategelic acid )
USES -Jamun helps to convert starch into energy and keep our blood sugar level in check. It is used in reducing fever.
Ayurvedic property: Rasa-Kshaya, Guna-Laghu, Veerya-Sheet, Vipaka -Madhura
Effect on Doshas - It increases vata but balances kapha and Pitta.

Neem (Azardirachta Indica) வேப்பை  50mg
It contains Nimbin, Nimbinene, 6-desacetyllini mbinene,nimbandiol, quercetin, tannins.
USES -Neem is used as an effective cure for diabetes.
Ayurvedic Property: Rasa -Tikta, Guna -Laghu, Veerya- Sheet, Vipaka -Katu
Effect on Doshas -It balances vata and kapha.

Amla (Emblica Officinalis) நெல்லி  50mg
It contains Vit c, phyllembin, tannins, calcium, Phosphorous.
USES - Amla is used as a Rasayana and natural aphordiasis. It is also useful in diabetes and urinary tract disorders.
Ayurvedic Property: Rasa- Tikta, Guna-Guru, sheet, Veerya- sheet, Vipaka- Madhura           
Effect on Doshas - It balances all three doshas.

Karela (Momordica Charantia) பாகற்காய்  50mg
It contains charatin, 5-hydroxytryptamine, disogenin, lanosterol and beta-sitosterol, alpha and beta-glycoprotein.
USES: It reduces the sugar level in blood.It detoxes the blood and acts as a blood purifier.
Ayurvedic Property: Rasa:-Tikta, Guna:-Laghu ,Ruksha, Veerya:-Ushna, Vipaka:-katu                        
Effect on Doshas:-It is kapha pitta hara. 

Haldi (Curcuma Longa) மஞ்சள்  50mg
It contains cucurmene, eugenol, cucurmin, cineole, curdione.
USES - Haldi is a natural anti-inflammatory.It detoxifies blood & skin.It is also useful in diabetes and urinary tract disorders.
Ayurvedic Property: Rasa-Tikta, Guna:-Laghu, Ruksha, Veerya:-Ushna, Vipaka:-Katu
Effect on Doshas: It balances all the three doshas.

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) அமுக்கரா   50mg
It contains withanolides, withaferin A, cuscohygrine, lactones.
USES - Ashwagandha is useful in neuropathy due to diabetes.It is blood tonifier that improves circulation and absorption of nutrients from the cells.
Ayurvedic Property: Rasa:-Tikta, Guna:-Laghu, Snighda, Veerya:Ushna, Vipaka:-Madhura.
Effect on Doshas - It is kapha-vata shamak.

Gokhshur (Tribulus terrteris ) நெருஞ்சில்  25mg
It contains alkaloids, resins, tannins, sterol, diastase, and glucoside.
USES - It is used in diabetes and urinary tract disorders. It also used for disurea, kidney stone, and uncomfortable urination.
Ayurvedic Property: Rasa:-Madhura, Guna:-Guru ,Snigdha, Veerya:-Sheeta, Vipaka:-Madhura
Effect on Doshas:It balances all the three doshas.

Gurmar (Gymnema sylvestre ) சிறுகுறிஞ்சான்  25mg
It contains Gumarin, oxalic acids, stigma sterol, betaine, choline.
USES - Gurmar supports pancreas health. It may help to maintain the healthy metabolic activities of liver, kidney ,& spleen. It may help to regularize the
sweet taste.
Ayurvedic Properties: Rasa:-kshaya, Guna:-Laghu, Veerya:-Ushna, Vipaka:-Katu
Effect on Doshas:-It is kapha-vata samak.

Giloy,  Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia)   சீந்தில் கொடி   25mg
It contains diterpenes compounds including tinosporone, tinosporic acid, cardifolisides A to E.
USES - Giloy has an ability to prevent damage to the liver. It is also useful in diabetes.
Ayurvedic Property: Rasa- Tikta, Guna- Laghu, Veerya -Ushna, Vipaka-Madhura    
Effect on Doshas:-It balances all the three doshas.